We all Maharastrains feel proud to be called as Gujaratis. And we all Padmashalis believe Gujarat is our battleground and birthplace. Today, we have an opportunity to explore more about our history.

Since 19th century, many of us were experts in weaving cloths in Andhra Pradesh. Along with time, we shifted to eastern regions of Maharastra – like Sindhavahi, Hingleghat, Nagpur, Chandrapur, and Vardha in search of employment and better livelihood.

Our 3-4 generations adopted Maharastra’s traditions, values and lifestyle. This is how Maharastrian Padmashali community emerged.>

While the clothing industry was evolving in Gujarat – need for cloth weaving craftsmen was increasing day by day. As the home business of cloth weaving wasn’t enough to provide livelihood to our ancestors – they came and settled in Gujarat in search of better opportunities for employment in clothing industry.

Hence, in the time when cloths industry was at it’s peak – our ancestors migrated to Ahmedabad – a city located near Vidarbha in 1928. Late Shri Vyankatravji Kondbatulvaar, Bhimravji Vaaldelvar, Baajiravji Jungleppaji Marshetvaar, Tulsiramji Akalkunchvaar, Lakshmanravji Hanumantravji Yemulvar, Devaji Estari Yelgandalvar, Krushnaravji Dorodkar, Markhandiji Estari NIlevaar, Raamannaji Gadamnaar etc. dignities are believed to be the first to get involved in the business.

As the opportunities of getting employment in clothing industry increased – slowly and gradually, our family and relatives also started migrating to the holy land of Gujarat and thus our Padmashali Community started evolving.

Inspired by Late Shri Bhimravji Tukaram Vaadelvaar – all our eminent leaders created The Padmashali Community, Ahmedabad in the year of 1950. And this is why all the credit of building our community goes to Late Shri Bhimravji Tukaram Vadelvaar.

Eventually, everyone started participating in community events equally. The first ever community event was organized by Late Shri Ganpatrav Sundhuji Gullevaar in his own residency. Since then everyone has started contributing to the community. However, Shri Chandrakant Bhimrao Valdelvaar’s contribution in building Padmashali & Youth Federation has been remarkable.

In 1971, All India Padmashali Community and Shri Markandey Temple were established simultaneously. The temple is situated in Rakhiyal, Ahmedabad. Everyone’s contribution in creating the community and establishing the temple was notable. To move forward with the same momentum, the community chose Late Shri Marotrao Govindrao Chuchavaar, Shri Ramchandra Vyankna Uchkalvaar and Shri Rajaraamji Pativaar to handover the responsibility of collecting funds and resources for enduring growth.

The first ever fedmansi of Ahmedabad’s Padmashali community – Late Shri Jaagobaji Aedelvaar and his son Shri Bhanappaji Jagobaji Aedelvaar have been recognized by this post.

Our community celebrates Mahashivratri with Markandey Palkhi, Rangoli Competition, Naratthi Purnima celebrations, haldi-kanku program and many more.

This is how Ahmedabad’s Padmashali community evolved with time. Above was the short introduction of our journey so long and that far.

Shri Bhimravji Tukaram VaadelvaarFounder Padmashali Samaj in 1950
Shri Lakshminarayan NIlevaarFounder & President (1967-1968)